Monday, July 21, 2014

Charmer Sunbelt Group

This was the most fun Donna & I ever had photographing

 a corporate group. The event planner contacted me from a recommendation from the Four Seasons Hotel. The group of 30 guys, all the major distributors & family of Jack Daniels were in town for a few days. We met them at the Hotel & rode the private bus to the cooking class destination stopping
along the way to take a photo in front of the Art Museum. When we got to the cooking class, all of the guys were presented with monogrammed chef coats. The took a class & proceeded to cook their dinner. They cut their own pasta for the pasta bolognese, They made filet of bronzino, steak, salad, hor'doevres & asparagus. The food was spectacular! Of course there was plenty of Jack Daniels & wine to go around. At the end of the evening we all had shots of Fireball to toast with. If you've never had Fireball it's a cinnamon whisky that's addictive! This event was the most fun ever!